The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #87

Silent Benny, Cousin Jade and Fossil Gamer join me for this one: Bud Light out here exposing the real snowflakes. The rain is finally letting up in SoCal. We journey out to visit Hank in SD and end up in a communist bar. The bleeding hearts are on the rampage about guns again. We reminisced on the joys of dial up. Did you cut the cord? What was your last cable bill compared to what you pay for streaming services? You might wanna take a look…Aaaaannnndddd so much more…..

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #84

Sorry it’s been a few weeks, and this will be the only July episode, busy times. Boomer and Fossil Gamer join me for this one: No time for time stamps, just listen to the whole thing and stop being an ass.
White privilege is still a thing and it benefited me.
I’m not as much of a fat ass as I thought.
Boomer broke his laptop (or maybe it was Microsoft).
Silent Benny and I went to Comic Con and awesome things happened.
Aaaaaand so much more….

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