Arrma Granite 4X2 Boost Mega RC Truck

My oldest got an Arrma Granite 4×2 Boost Mega RC Truck for his birthday and wanted to review it. Let’s check it out!

Buy it on Amazon:

Boost 4×4 upgrade pack:

Equipment I use:

Canon EOS M50 –
Lens mount adapter –
Tripod –
Canon M50 power adapter –
LED lights –
6 in 1 equipment mount –
Overhead camera mount –
Microphone Boom Arm –
Microphone –

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #42

The Father, Cousin Jade and Fossil Gamer join me for this one: The Tangerine King’s days in the White House are officially numbered. R.I.P. Alex Trebek, someone please check on Betty White. Cousin Jade bought a new car. VHS tapes with old recorded shows are a thing now? Think before you road rage. What’s SNL going to do now that we’ll have a normal President? Dave Chappelle can do whatever he wants. Aaaannndd so much more…

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