The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #88

Boomer and Fossil Gamer join me for this one: Lots of random conversation in this one. Some dick cheese hit my truck and decided to run for it (my insurance caught him). I finally start watching Ted Lasso (and other TV talk). Politicising TV shows ruins it for me. Aaaaannnd so much more…..

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #50

The Father, Cousin Jade, Scrap Dawg Stubby and Ron of the League join me for this one: Boomer is a victim of hit and run, and that sparks a long ramble of how terrible people in California are. Cerritos Auto Square is terrible (we’ve covered this before). Reddit did Wall Street dirty, and I love it. People are stealing identities for haircuts now (thanks COVID). Big shake up in the NFL. Aaaand so much more.

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