The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #62

The Father and Silent Benny join me in studio for this one: Thank you Angel fans for Albert Pujols, really appreciate it (LOL). We get caught up on movie news with TMBenny. Boomer needs to get over his irrational fear of Plex. Buying a gun in CA is near impossible. For profit health care is the devil. Aaannnd so much more….

Man Cave Discussions: I Love Sh** Cakes.

1st half of another 2 parter: My dad stops by. Gurgle gurgle gurgle. Peanut brittle. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. Gawd damn it Brian. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. Gawd damn it Jade. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. 4 fat guys in a room talking about food….a lot. Embarrassing childhood stories. And so much more…..

Man Cave Discussions: Who Let the Dogs Out

First half of another two parter: All the regulars are back in the cave. Our audio issues are sorted out. Gather round the fire, Stubby has a story to tell. CVT’s are expensive when they break. Stubby’s Venmo activity is sketchy. Aaaannndddd so much more…

Man Cave Discussions: Jesus Juice.

The second half of a two parter: Ron brought an old high school friend, good times. Luxury rental cars. More Game of Thrones talk. Do pets in the room effect your performance? We should be making booze. Mead and weed, what could go wrong?

Man Cave Discussions: Mississippi Wet Wipe

First part of yet another two part session: Game of Thrones sneaker madness. All shoes should be sold as unisex. Don’t hate on my custom XJ’s. My family owns Nazi guns and cousin Jade wants them. The world of guns outside of CA is very different. Dumb kids and guns don’t mix. And so much more….

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