Man Cave Discussions: All of your Tom are belong to us.

We’re back! I was on vacation in a place that had no data connection, so you didn’t get an episode last week. But have no fear! We’re back with more of that shit you love: I enter the Bluetooth ear bud world. Someone made a truck from a Tesla model 3, and it’s awesome. Jeeps make me want to be an outdoor person. Ben had a visit from the EMT’s. And so much more….

Man Cave Discussions: Tres Delinquentes

The original 3 in the cave for this two parter: Ron’s mic issue has been resolved! I help my dad move and get an early inheritance. Pokemon game is back so my park looks like the walking dead again. Scientology wants Ron. Jehovah’s Witness could recruit me with tamales. And so much more….

Man Cave Discussions: Who Let the Dogs Out

First half of another two parter: All the regulars are back in the cave. Our audio issues are sorted out. Gather round the fire, Stubby has a story to tell. CVT’s are expensive when they break. Stubby’s Venmo activity is sketchy. Aaaannndddd so much more…

Man Cave Discussions: Shift Box go Boom Boom

First half of a slightly dysfunctional double header: Technical issues caused us to lose 25 min of our lives that we’ll never get back. The gain on Ron’s mic is way to high, enjoy that. Cousin Jade is out, Silent Benny is rowing the ship, So Ron brought a friend. Caramel Sexy is down. Lots and lots of car talk. Why do Americans Hate Wagons? And so much more…

The episode has been archived, please click the link below to play audio.

Man Cave Discussions: Snacky Crap Heaven

The first half of another double episode marathon session: CVS is our unofficial sponsor for this one. Frozen seafood sucks. We talk about phones (again). Benny and Ron are late (again). The ice road to Vegas. Hate automatic hand dryers? We have a cheat code for you. And so much more….

This episode has been archived, please click on the link below to play audio.

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