Saving A MacBook Pro From The Landfill

I rescued another Unibody MacBook Pro from a life of obscurity. With a few parts from iFixIt I’ll upgrade the RAM, throw some faster storage in it and let it live out the rest of it’s life with some well deserved dignity.
00:00 Introduction
00:15 Backstory
03:51 Unboxing
07:06 Disassembly
08:35 Hard Drive Removal
08:58 Super Drive Removal
11:39 Hard Drive Install
16:01 Ram Install
17:21 Reassembly
18:02 OS Install
20:05 Testing
21:12 Final Thoughts
Dual SSD kit:

RAM kit:

Information about Open Core:

Equipment I use:
Canon EOS M50 –
Lens mount adapter –
Tripod –
Canon M50 power adapter –
LED lights –
6 in 1 equipment mount –å
Overhead camera mount –
Microphone Boom Arm –
Microphone –

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