Get The Most Out Of Your Gaming Pc By Upgrading It!

It’s time for a 2 year refresh of my gamin rig, I got a jump start with GPU back in April. Today I’ll be transferring everything to a Thermaltake Core X9 case that my friend gifted me, and installing a new Ryzen 7 5700x. Also, I’ll be solving a fan issue and finally upgrading my power supply. Let’s go!

I couldn’t find any current listings for the Thermaltake Core X9, but while making the video I did see a few on eBay that have since sold. If you setup a saved search I’m sure you’ll find one. Here’s the other stuff I used for my upgrade:
New version of the water block I used:
Power Supply:
Fan Controller:
RGB Fans:
Ryzen 5700X:

Equipment I use:
Canon EOS M50 –
Lens mount adapter –
Tripod –
Canon M50 power adapter –
LED lights –
6 in 1 equipment mount –
Overhead camera mount –
Microphone Boom Arm –
Microphone –

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