Season 2 is in the books.

Season 2 is in the books, we just finished recording the final episode of The League of Sedentary Gentlemen, be sure to catch it on Tuesday. Like last year we’ll be taking the month of December off, and we’ll be back at it on New Year’s Eve. I’d like to thank Ron of the League, cousin Jade, the Father, scrap dawg Stubby and silent Benny for quickly adjusting to a virtual format when COVID hit and for sticking it out in less than ideal conditions. Also big shout out to Fossil Gamer for joining us mid season and helping to get through to the end. Also, shout out to “the dude” for joining us earlier this year, hopefully we’ll get you back in the cave for another episode when it’s safe to do so. Hope everyone stays healthy, wash yo feet, wash yo ass, wash yo hands, wear a mask. Happy holidays, see you in a month for season 3.

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #44

Boomer, Silent Benny, Cousin Jade and Fossil Gamer join me for this one: We start off with a little bit of movie talk. Did I mention how much I hate scalpers? (Sneaker scalpers in particular but you all suck in general). More COVID talk (of course?) More Trump talk (why not?). What’s going on for Thanksgiving? Aaaannd so much more…

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #43

Silent Benny, The Father, Ron of the League and Cousin Jade join me for this one: We’re a little slow out of the gate, bare with us, at around the 13 minute mark we start picking up steam. Everyone’s favorite Dodger is in the ICU (not today Satan). I get some dad shoes (and they’re glorious). Nike sucks. More COVID talk (of course). The COVID vaccine is coming. Will you get it? (how much money you got?). Aaaannnd so much more…

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #42

The Father, Cousin Jade and Fossil Gamer join me for this one: The Tangerine King’s days in the White House are officially numbered. R.I.P. Alex Trebek, someone please check on Betty White. Cousin Jade bought a new car. VHS tapes with old recorded shows are a thing now? Think before you road rage. What’s SNL going to do now that we’ll have a normal President? Dave Chappelle can do whatever he wants. Aaaannndd so much more…

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #41

Silent Benny, The Father, Fossil Gamer and Ron of the League join me for this one: R.I.P 007, you’ll be missed. Naturally given the news of Sean Connery’s death we have lot’s of movie talk. What’s your favorite Sean Connery movie? What’s your favorite Quentin Terantino movie? Lights are on down memory lane, we talk about our first CD and DVD. There’s a bear in the cave, and at about the 1:09:37 mark, it starts to growl….Oh and we talk about COVID of course….And so much more….


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