Man Cave Discussions: Made in China

Part 2 of 2: Segments! Normally lots of words go here, but my kid is sick so I’m trying to rush through this post. No teasers, your lazy ass will just have to listen to the entire episode. Enjoy!

Man Cave Discussions: Ron Toe

Part one of another 2 parter: This episode is dedicated to my Uncle who passed away last week, RIP. Cousin Jade is back in the cave. Ron found some awesome water that fits in perfectly with our show. Ron and the father go on and on about the Grateful dead. Whats your favorite See’s candy? The father eat’s too many McRibs. An unhealthy lifestyle will lead to Ron Toe. Cousin Jade’s mic try’s to quit on him. Our non-existent budget is painfully obvious. Ultraboost is life. And so much more…