Man Cave Discussions: I Love Sh** Cakes.

1st half of another 2 parter: My dad stops by. Gurgle gurgle gurgle. Peanut brittle. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. Gawd damn it Brian. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. Gawd damn it Jade. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. 4 fat guys in a room talking about food….a lot. Embarrassing childhood stories. And so much more…..


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Man Cave Discussions: All of your Tom are belong to us.

We’re back! I was on vacation in a place that had no data connection, so you didn’t get an episode last week. But have no fear! We’re back with more of that shit you love: I enter the Bluetooth ear bud world. Someone made a truck from a Tesla model 3, and it’s awesome. Jeeps make me want to be an outdoor person. Ben had a visit from the EMT’s. And so much more….

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